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Cancellation Refund Policy

You are required to submit a $300.00 deposit when you apply for a team. This deposit is only refundable if you are not chosen as a team member for the team in which you applied. In the event that you are accepted to the team and you decide to withdraw from the team, the deposit is not refundable. You do have the option to transfer the deposit funds to another team within one year from the original deposit payment date.
Once accepted for a team any/all funds paid toward your trip are non-refundable in the even that you decide to withdraw from the team. If the funds are un-encumbered at the time of withdraw (Meaning airline tickets are not yet purchased and in-country funds not yet distributed) you have the option to transfer funds to another trip/team within one year of your original team acceptance date. After that point in time the funds will roll into PHH general fund.
Any and all funds that are applied to your account above and beyond your trip price will be applied toward your team's contingency fund. These overpayment funds can not be re-imbursed back to the team members.

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